We Are Back

We are excited to announce that the Interfaith Justice Coalition will hold its first public gathering on Wednesday, October 18th from 1 pm to 3 pm at Alliance San Diego offices. 

As this new coalition begins its work we acknowledge that its roots are firmly grounded in the interfaith justice work that preceded its development---and so in many ways, we are back.  The Interfaith Justice Coalition seeks to bring together the diverse faith communities of San Diego County to build interfaith coalition of diverse, morally grounded persons to work together to bring about justice and equity for all.  The Interfaith Justice Coalition is committed to reimagining boundaries, incorporating broad, inclusive and intersectional themes, and thinking expansively to address important issues that promote peace, justice and the common good through this faith-rooted alliance.  

Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill Jr, the Interfaith Justice Coordinator for Alliance San Diego, in speaking about the new coalition said, “In our world today there are a number of clergy, theologians, and religiously rooted activists who are talking passionately about resistance as a means of fighting against oppressive and divisive policies that negatively impact people of color, immigrants, the sick, the poor, and other marginalized communities. The Interfaith Justice Coalition will play a significant role, framing justice concerns with moral imperatives, to empower individuals and communities to engage more effectively in the civic process and create positive change.”

For more information about the Interfaith Justice Coalition, please contact Rev. Lee at [email protected]