Why We Fight for Faith and Social Justice

By Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr, Interfaith Justice Coordinator

More than ever, our communities need a moral voice to help frame and understand the complex issues of today. The Interfaith Justice Coalition (IJC) was established to be that voice for communities in San Diego County by bringing together diverse faith communities to engage in the important work of seeking justice and the common good for all.  


IJC will build on the tremendous work of interfaith justice organizations that preceded it and reach further to align policy with the needs of community members. We look to empower individuals and communities and encourage their engagement in the civic process, to create a morally just San Diego County where all people can have their inherent worth and dignity affirmed.

We understand ourselves to be a “Global Village” (Mahatma Gandhi), an “International Civilization of Love and Tolerance” (Fethullah Gulen), a “World House” (Martin Luther King), and a “Commonwealth of Global Citizens” (Daisaku Ikeda) who are committed to reimagining boundaries, incorporating inclusive, broad and intersectional themes employing our diverse religious and moral frameworks to seek justice and equality for all.  

In using our religious and moral traditions we critique, challenge and educate our communities about policies and practices that harm and disempower us while holding firm commitments to the promotion of policies and practices that foster hope.

We hope that as you explore our website, you find the intersectional nature of our work not only refreshing but necessary for the advancement of our communities. We recognize that no community can do the work of social justice alone. Our diverse group of faith leaders looks forward to working side-by-side with communities to ensure that policies are morally sound, inclusive and compassionate so that all people can achieve their full potential in an environment of harmony, safety, equality, and justice.

Together we can--and with your help, we will!

Join us!